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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One more post for the day...a quote

A Christian is a person who has been, listen, permanently delivered from certain deadly, damning realities. This is what defines a Christian. A Christian is not someone who says they believe in Jesus. A Christian is not someone who prays a certain formula prayer. A Christian is not a person who goes to church or belongs to some quote/unquote Christian institution. A Christian is not someone who feels good about God or good about Jesus. A Christian is a person who has been...what?...delivered. This is absolutely critical to understand because there's so much confusion about who is a Christian. The answer is, Christians are people who have been delivered....John MacArthur

Thoughts on End of the Spear from my Ma

The end of the spear? What end are we on?L.S.W.There is a disturbing trend that is permeating our society. It’s called “the god of my own understanding”. Now, this to be expected in those persons who are not followers of Christ, But, are we succumbing to their nonsense because we believe in our own goodness? Are we turning our eyes from the Lord out of concern for another and yielding to human philanthropy?There is currently a movie being released called “the end of the spear”. It is the story of five missionaries who lost their life, Jim Elliott being one of them, to bring the gospel to a tribe of Ecuadorian natives. The story is well known. It is powerful. However, the lead part is played by a well know homosexual that professes to “believe in a god of my own understanding”. The issue that has been raised is “should I as a Christian see this movie?” The answer is simple…NO. Why? There are two reasons; however there is only ONE reason for the follower of Christ. The first issue that is being bandied about is the fact of homosexuality; a homosexual playing the part of a Christian. The rebuttal of some Christians is this…”Well, if I ban this movie I will have to ban all movies by homosexuals”. This notion is exactly why we are in the fix we are in. This “all or nothing” attitude that is prevalent in legalism. All movies are not the issue…THIS movie is the issue. Then we become self righteous in our lust to not give up ALL MOVIES…which brings up another question…why not give up all movies???? Is it not better to enter into heaven maimed???? But, like I said “all movies” is not the issue. And, truly homosexuality is not the issue. This is a side issue that is comfortable for us, for it can wander around our own opinions. The REAL issue is the fact this movie is being used to promote “another god”. The side issue is where we are getting lost. It is easily discussed and debated according to “our own understanding”. Christians are pandering to evil because we believe in our own goodness. We wish to be SO careful with “our Christian testimony” that we are bowing down to the accuser. We debate and mull over our differing opinions under the guise "we are all sinners how can we judge another?", when all we are doing is avoiding being accused of fanaticism or religious intolerance. Yes, we are all sinners...but dear Christian...WE DO NOT ALL 'follow a god of my own understanding'...OR DO WE? Daniel lived in a highly pagan society...he accepted certain things...BUT he would not bow down to another god. He would not EAT the food meant for another god.Did Jesus stray away from the moment because of future repercussions? He was called “son of Beelzebub” because He acted in the TRUTH of the moment. He was very erratic to this world that moves like a snake in one continuous line. He was "out there" because He was not of this world. Yet, we clamor to be part of this world. Jesus walked among the lie without being part of the lie. Is this not our calling? Why would the Holy Spirit differ in US? There was no debate when God the Father was being mocked. He was clear-cut to the point of lashing the abusers out of the temple. He had no discussion about whether the temple was a religious institution, and whether we should judge it according to its own merit.There is only one Redeemer. His methods are clear. He did not protect Himself because He did not want to LOSE one sinner. He gave each a clear and succinct way to HIMSELF. If the actor who professes ‘another god’ wishes to know Jesus…then let’s introduce Him, instead of hiding Jesus under the guise of “gentle, kind, and good”. He is ALL of those things…but first and foremost HE is HOLY. We Christians are denying this by the very notion we can ‘save someone through our tolerant and kind actions’. We worship a Divine and Holy God first. He is not of our understanding…He is beyond our understanding. Therefore, we are to live beyond the understanding of this world. Our actions will not be easily understood, for they will be erratic to the snake. We are to STAND...and standing does not require debate.This movie is a spectacle; the mere fact that there is a discussion to our “Christian duty” should be enough to know to steer clear of it. Our Father does not save us through acceptance…but through rejection. The Cross of Christ displays this succinctly. To live we must die. How is this actor to know this unless mature Christians take a stand on this issue? And more clearly, how are the men who made this movie going to know the seriousness of this action unless we who love them as fellow sojourners say nothing? We are to take one issue at a time. And this is the current issue before us. It is not hidden. The young actor declares, "You know, I made this movie with a group of conservative Christians who do not agree with my expression of sexuality. But we said to each other, I will walk with you accepting your differences and we can create together. I will give you your space to respect you fully. They don't need to take away from my freedom; I don't need to take away from theirs. And I am so proud to have done that. That's the kind of bridge-building I think we can get to". This is the message which tolerates more than one god. This young actor did not cooperate with anything...he gave up nothing. But, the followers of Christ sat and ate with another god...THEY gave up everything all the while thinking themselves good and kind.The issue is clear cut. This movie is being used as demonstration of how far we have strayed into the "god of our own understanding" We will excuse the evidence this movie is being used to promote an agenda that claims another "god", because it is about Christian missionaries. The question is this...would the Christian missionaries that died so that this movie could be made be so tolerant? It seems highly unlikely? Let us remain at the heart of issue. Not whether homosexuality is the issue...but rather...the movie is being played by a man who was NOT touched by the story...is promoting his own agenda...and is watching Christians wring their hands over the decision whether this movie will save his soul or not. It sounds a bit familiar doesn't it? Adam and Eve toyed with the same question...which god will I serve?

Feb. 28th, 2006

It's the end of Feb. Spring is coming soon..only a couple months away , for MN!!

Only three more days until my ultrasound. Who will be joining our family?? Our fifth little boy? Or our first little girl?? Obadiah James...or Eliahna Ila Shalom? I'm getting nervous..and just praying for a healthy and strong little one. I'm trying not to think about it too much, and just keep busy. Which isn't really hard to do with homeschool work, and the up-keep on the house.
It's 1pm and I actually can sit down for a bit. E is listening to a book on tape "Number the Stars", and N and I are watching Candyland. M is down for his nap.
I TOTALLY caught up on the laundry yesterday. This is a huge milestone that only happens once in a while..LOL! I washed and folded and put away four loads, so if I start another load this evening I should be able to keep it up, for a while anyway. If I just miss one day of laundry, I get so behind. My laundry room is in the basement, on the opposite end of the room, and we live in a two story house, so it's hard to get down there to even start a load and leave the children alone upstairs.