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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

First fishing experience of the season..

We bought our licenses last week and Ethan has been begging to go fishing. SOooo..last night we packed up all the gear in the van and went to a pond not far from home, only about 10 minutes. Dustin brought Xena and JLee too. There's also a playground at this place..so that's nice. He took Noah and JLee over to play when they got bored. I did catch a carp. Not good for anything. Ethan caught a tiny one..could've been a trout or a bass. I spent most of the time untangling people's lines. Then Gabe took Ethan and went under the bridge near us to fish..and I stayed put with Xena. Our van was parked close to us..and I had the doors open because Mikey had JUST woken up from his nap and I had just gotten him out and put in his stroller. Then this DOG comes along....someones German shorthair pointer..it started wading in the water right where we're fishing..no owner in sight. It would not go away! I even slepped it on the rump with my fishing pole..didn't phase him. Then it tried to get my bobber..so we knew we were pretty much done..and Xena is upset so she takes off up to the playground to Dustin saying that this dog is in the water scaring the fish away. Next thing I know..this guy comes along apologizing..he overheard Xena. So he's trying to coax his dog out of the water..(it's name was River..how appropriate)..he gets it to come out..but it certainly wasn't obedient..running all over the place..then it JUMPED IN MY VAN!

I had the sliding door open from when I got Mikey out..this dog jumped in and walked over both car seats..then in the front drivers seat..and the guy had to reach in and pull him out the passenger side. I mean..it was a little funny to watch, I was laughing a little..and B was giggling too...but not so funny once I saw my van. At least my van isn't the cleanest vehicle on earth..but I don't make a habit of dousing the seats with river water either. It was gross. The guy did apologize..he was angry at his dog..and embarassed..so I didn't want to make it worse for him. But YUCK! Now I have to disinfect my van today.

This is why they have leash laws!