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Saturday, April 07, 2007

#6 is on the way!!!

I found out on Monday, April 2nd (baby Megan's birthday!!)..Watson baby number 6 is on the way!! I thought AF came Sunday..but by Monday morning she was gone. So I "knew"..and took a test strip that evening (from birthjunkie.com...not a bad thing for any momma to have on hand..5 tests for 6 bucks) I got a very faint line. I told Gabe that night. We waited to tell anyone until Friday, because I wanted to retest and make sure the line was getting darker. I took two more test strips throughout the week..and they were "slightly" darker..but on Friday morning..line showed up right away..nice and pink (I miscarried a few years ago, twice at 5 weeks). I believe I'm due anywhere from December 14th-19th. What a blessing! My mother's birthday is Dec. 14th. The boys are all excited. After the initial shock..so is everyone else. Obie James is only 9 months old..but will be almost 18 months in Dec., so that really isn't too bad. The Lord knows best! We'll be doing some rearranging in our home. Ethan and Isaac will be moving their room to the basement den..not sure where we'll put the tv..might have to stay down there for a while (that would just break their heart!) Noah and Mikey will share a room upstairs..and Obie will get Mikey's little room, and baby with us, until we "shift" again. (Obie going in with Mikey and Noah and baby in the little room) It'll work! We can fit a family of 8 in 1500 sq ft!!! (+3 dogs and a cat!) The Lord is good! Happy Easter!!!!!!