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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kitchen remodeling!!!

In August, during a severe t-storm, lightening struck and "fried" our kitchen range! So..getting a new range set things in motion to completely remodel (and finally finish) our kitchen! We've lived here 7 years and have yet to do anything to this room, except tear out the chimney that run up through the center of our house, behind where the range is in this first pic. Here's a few progression pics... I'll post more when we're finished!

Tearing out the brick wall covering.
Before pic of the flooring. We left the old stuff down underneath the brown linoleum. I had to pound down a million or so tacks though.
The laminate flooring. The new range..and Isaac!
New sink, counter top and window!
We're working on the cupboards and cabinets now. We bought a rich cream paint for the cupboards, and "frosty melon" for the walls. It's gonna be orange! But we like it. I'll wait till we're completely finished painting before posting new pictures. We have paint, trim, ceiling and light fixtures yet to do. Then..organizing! There's gonna be a challenge LOL!