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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dec 3rd flood in Washington State-Lewis County-Meskill area

These are some flood pics of my parents home (the home I grew up in). They built this place themselves 35 years ago. It rests right along the Chehalis River, just across the road, with a creek running behind it. My mom called me that morning from her cell, and said the river was going over it's banks..and they were heading up the road. The river has NEVER went over its bank (30 ft bank).

First pic is a "before" pic from when I flew back to visit exactly one year ago.

This is a picture of their front yard. There's been alot of volunteers coming to help.

This is a pic take of the field up the road from their house. It's just MUD. The road runs right along the tree line and the river is on the other side of the trees. They had to head up the road, across the field to the main highway.
This is the kitchen, minus the appliances which were already hauled out.

This shed was several yards to the right..and floated down and wedged itself against the house.