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Saturday, March 15, 2008

An update on us..

It's been awhile since I've blogged on here! Bear with me..my keyboard is having serious issues..so if I'm missing letters in words..you'll know why and you'll not question my ability to homeschool. :o)

The Kashon puppies are now 7 weeks old. They are both "sold"..deposits have been made and we're just waiting for them to be old enough to go to their new homes. I'll miss the little scrappers..they sure are cute! Even when they're attacking my toes while I'm trying to cook supper.

Eliahna is 3 months old already. I can't believe how quickly they grow. Her new baby cousin "Shell" was born last month..she's so tiny compared to Eliahna!

The weather has warmed up a bit here in MN..in the 30's..we even saw the upper 40's the other day! So we went for our first walk of the year. Here's a pic of Eliahna after our first walk outside. She loved it in the Baby Bjorn!

Here is what you get when you send 5 boys outside to play and there is melted snow on the ground (aka-a big lake in the yard)

Eliahna and Obie....and yes! She's got a bow in her hair!Obie loving on his baby sister...
.the older boys and their lego creation..
..we definitely need spring to come..(Noah)..

..and last but definitely not least..Mikey aka "Robin Hood"..(yes, that's a trampoline in my living room..the only kind the children will EVER have)
Alrighty then..I think that's an update on all the kiddos...Grammy Cilla sent these from WA. As you can see from the pics far below..they went thru a horrible flood and lost so much. But their home is being "redone"..and it looks SO nice. I'll post a pic soon on that. But she came across these jello molds. MY gramma used to make jello in these for my mom and her siblings..so they're REALLY old. (ROFL!) Grammy sent these for the boys..with jello included of course. So I had to whip up a batch.

Mmmmmm...And since the Easter season is upon us..here is the link to a wonderful Easter message..