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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taming the Tongue

This sermon has been so very convicting to me..

Taming the Tongue, Part 1--James 3:1-5 ~John MacArthur


Taming the Tongue, Part 2--James 3:5-12


Some things I wrote in my journal, from part 1.

*"Every one of us is carrying around a concealed weapon, all we have to do is open our mouths and it's unconcealed.
* Remember your tongue is in a wet place and can slip easily.
* If a person can master his tongue, he can master his evil tendencies throughout his whole body, and that means his person.
* Focus on the mouth. If the Holy Spirit gets control of the most volatile and the most potent member, the rest will be subdued.
* The Bible refers directly to a wicked tongue, a deceitful tongue, a lying tongue, a perverse tongue, a filthy tongue, a corrupt tongue, a bitter tongue, an angry tongue, a crafty tongue, a flattering tongue, a slanderous tongue, a gossiping tongue, a back-biting tongue, a blaspheming tongue, a foolish tongue, a boasting tongue, a murmuring tongue, a complaining tongue, a cursing tongue, a contentious tongue, a sensual tongue, a vile tongue, a tale-bearing tongue, a whispering tongue, an exaggerating tongue, etc. Did you see yourself anywhere in there? (I did.) No wonder God put your tongue in a cage behind your teeth, walled in by your mouth.
*Speak only gracious words. Speak only kind words. Speak only loving words, true words, thoughtful words, holy words, sensitive words, edifying words. Speak with gentle words, comforting words, words of blessing, words of humility, words or wisdom, words of thanksgiving. Speak only unselfish words and peaceful words. And if you do that, you'll control every other part of your life, because the only way you can do all that is being under the power of the spirit of God. But the focal point is to concentrate on the control of the tongue.
*Pray-Lord please help me say what you intended to say. No more and no less.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

In memory of..

Our sweet baby nephew Wyatt Sawyer Moerke.
He was born on this earth

Dec. 22nd, 1998..
and flew into the arms of our heavenly Father
January 8th, 1999.

We love you sweet Wyatt..
and look forward to the day we'll get to know you
in Heaven with our Lord Jesus!