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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Appointments and hiking

Just a little update on us. Obie and Mikey had their '5 year well child check-ups'. They are 4 and 6 years old. Complete with their 5 year vaccines. Both are healthy..Obie weighs 5 lbs less than Mikey! Mikey has been referred to an opthamologist at Mayo. Something about his vision being 20/32. I know nothing about vision so this is new territory for me. We'll see how it goes. :o)

Preschool shots are MUCH worse than baby shots..that's for sure. The nurses at our clinic are wonderful though. I had Caleb with me and the boys. One nurse took Caleb and Mikey for a walk to pick out stickers while Obie got his pokes. Poor guy cried so hard. Mikey walked in while he was still crying so that made him nervous. He cried just as hard. :(
We took them hiking at Quarry Hill afterward. Nothing like packing 20lbs on my back while hikin up hills. The workout was good for them though, since the shots could make their legs stiff.

We love to hike. The other day we took the boys hiking at Forestville State Park. It's BEAUTIFUL right now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our lil Pooh Bear..and more pics..

Here's our sweet little Pooh Bear Caleb..he'll be 5 months next week!

I love you Pooh! ..nom.. nom.. nom..


Great Gramma and Grampa came for a visit this month. The children really enjoyed spending time with them.


AND here are a few mug shots of our crew...see if you can figure out who's who!

This one's an easy guess...

Thanks for looking! Have a blessed week!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Caleb's 4 month check up

C has his check up with Dr. H yesterday. He weighs 17lbs 10 oz!! We grow'm well!
I had to street park at the north side of the M. Campus and walk the subway to the south side where his Ped's building is located. My 12 passenger won't fit in the ramp! I found out from a nurse that there IS a parking lot nearby, but not many people know about it. Oh well..the walk didn't hurt us, and Gabe met us on his break and walked us over there. I had at least 6 people say.."Wow..you have your hands full!" It was rather funny! I had C in a carrier, E and O in the double stroller and N and M walked beside me.

Yesterday I deleted my Facebook account. Why was that so difficult to do?? I don't know. But I feel so free now! FB doesn't make it very easy to get rid of your account. I still have to wait 14 days..and they 'might' delete it. But if I try to log in, or accidently click on something to do w/ Facebook in the next two weeks....my account will be reactivated. I'm not too happy about that.
I'll admit FB can be a useful tool...but in my case, the cons far outweight any benefit anymore. It's fun to read status updates and look at pictures...but I think it can cause alot of unintentional hurt ;) 'Sometimes' ignorance is bliss! I think I'd just rather be out of the loop.
I'll miss seeing my family's and IRL friend's pics.....but as promised, here's some of mine..

Caleb is such a yummy baby boy!