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Saturday, October 08, 2011

A day with just my littles...

Daddy took the oldest three children to the Cities to a Christian conference (Understanding the Times w/ Jan Markell). So..it's just mommy and her four babies today! (ages 1-7)

This morning, after we did chores (including the older brother's chores, because they had to leave at 5am)..we loaded in the van and went to Dollar General where we shopped for goodies for a 'snack picnic'..then we went to South Park to play a while.

We had pudding cups and cheese nips. Real health food. Ha! (Mommy had Pringles..shhh!) I also bought a bottle of spill-proof bubbles. It was SOO windy there..this park is on the edge of town and the wind is coming  straight off the corn fields.

Then we stopped back by the grocery store before heading home, to pick up something for supper. They chose pizza (also picked up some cabbage to make saurkraut for the first time!)

Now..Caleb went right down for a nap..he was so wiped out! The boys are playing with Hero Factories on the stairs...I've been resting the chair. It amazes me how much quieter this house is minus the older three....why is that?? I love them dearly but they are loud.(ages 14, 12 and 9)

Anyway..C is still sleeping. Daddy and boys won't be home till after bedtime.

I think it's time to find something constructive to do. Maybe we'll go outside and collect leaves, and iron them between wax paper to hang up. I have a ton of other things that need done..like four baskets of laundry that need folded..dishes need washed..bar needs cleared...Elie's room needs cleaned... BUT..I'm not doing it right now.

We're going outside!