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Monday, June 25, 2012

30 weeks!

Only about 10 weeks or less to go! It's been a long couple weeks though. I slipped and fell down the stairs on Father's day, June 17th. I did not go into L&D to get checked out, since baby was moving fine. But I had a very large bruise on my backside and plenty of strain and aches..it's been just over a week and I do feel alot better. However, last night I had a bleeding episode in the evening. Scared me, since I had fallen..I was worried about the placenta or something. Isaiah was still moving around fine. I have had alot of contractions..mostly braxton-hicks, normal for me.
Although I hadn't had any more bleeding today, I was finally convinced to call a nurse. Of course..they wanted me to come in and get checked out. Isaiah's heartrate was GREAT and he was kicking the monitors. I was checked by the midwife on duty..no more signs of bleeding at all..but my cervix is thin. She said 'about 1/2 in'..thinner than normal at 30 weeks..but she didn't know what normal would be for a 30 week woman having her 8th baby! I'm on complete pelvic rest till 34 weeks, and am supposed to do kick counts and watch for any more bleeding or change in contractions. Gabe wants me to buy an emergency birth kit to have on hand....just in case. I went kinda fast with Caleb. ;o)
So..there's out latest update!