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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Maple syrup

It started with maple syrup.
I had to run to the store for potatoes before I could cook supper. I took baby with me. Just a quick run to the store after hubby came home from work.
I picked up the potatoes, and some cheese..and walked around trying to think of anything else before I left.
I stopped by the discount carts to see if there was anything I needed. Another woman was looking it over, too. She was probably in her 60's or 70's.
I picked up a small glass bottle of syrup and held it up. She asked what it was, so I showed her. She said her hubby and her used to tap maple syrup in the woods on their property in Wisconsin. He would ride the four wheeler to the trees..and pour the syrup in a bin on the back of the 4 wheeler. She canned 60 pints of syrup that last time..and sometimes when people would help them out, she'd give them a jar of syrup.
He passed away a couple years ago. I felt tears stings my eyes. I told her I was sorry. I could tell she really misses him.
We kept talking. I told her how I buy the fake syrup in large bottles at Costco..since we have eight children.
She had nine! One died at 2. They were all born in a span of 13 years.
She told me about the coffecake she used to bake that her kids loved for breakfast.
About all the work they had to do on their house..part of their home was 150 years old!
When her husband made their kids work on the walls of the house after they came home from school, before they could have their supper.
I just listened..and asked questions.

She asked me my name, and if I lived in the country. I told her where I lived...here in the middle of town. And how much I would love to be in the country.
They both came from large families. Her youngest grandchild is two..but there is another on the way.
Soon we were interrupted by someone else shopping..and I told her it was nice to visit with her. I never did get her name.  I knew I had to get going...we had been chatting for a good 20 minutes or so. It was one of those conversations that happen that you feel there is a deeper meaning..you're not quite sure what it is..but it happened and you can't quit thinking about it.
I'm really glad he forgot to stop for potatoes on the way home. And I will always remember the lady who use to tap maple syrup with her hubby on their farm in Wisconsin.