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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

School days and New Baby

Well..we are halfway through our school year already. Knowing I have one child graduated helps. I can do this!

Last year I started a new system for keeping track each week.

Each child has a spiral notebook of their own. Every weekend I sit down for an hour or two and write out on one page all their assignments for the week. I place a bubble next to each assignment for them to check off as they complete it. It sounds so simple...but it really works!

They each have their own three ring binder for holding their work, too. I keep a copy of their Course of Study for the year and Transcripts for the high schoolers. 


AND...last June we were pleasantly surprised to find out we have another BABY on the way!! I am due Feb.15th with a GIRL!!!! We are naming her Tirzah Beth.