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Thursday, August 02, 2012

It's finally August!!

It's finally August! Yippeeee!!

We celebrated Mikey's 8th birthday on July 30th. He's such a big kid now!

 Here is sweet Isaiah at 35 weeks. I'm almost 36 weeks now. Each weekend marks a new week.
Not much longer now..could be two weeks..could be four. Aunt Angie says Sept 4th! lol We shall see!

Speaking of Aunt Angie..she suprised us with a sweet place for Isaiah to sleep..a brand new pack n play arrived yesterday via UPS! I love monkeys!!!!!
Every time I walk by in the living room...I'm giddy with excitement. It's the same whether it's your first or your eighth..it's still exciting! I can't wait to meet this little one. We're going to have a baby!

I've been nesting like crazy the last couple days. Caught up on laundry. Eliahna's room is clean. Baby's area is ready in our room and the living room. All clothes are washed. Taking care of what I can. I still have a list of things we need to get....but it'll have to wait. I think the entire city of Spring Valley is gasping for air after receiving our utility bills in the mail today! Oy. I am thankful it's not 105 degrees with 70% humidity anymore!

I would LOVE to go for walks again, but Gabe won't take me on any more until after Aug.17th (38wks) He just does not want to take any chances. Every time we go for a walk now, I get intense contractions, and pain/pressure...and it continues on for hours. I don't know whether I could go into labor or not just from walking..but we're not going to try right now!

After my afternoon cuppa coffee..I'll be tackling the little boys' room. It's pretty scary in there!
My next appointment is August 13th!!

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