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Friday, June 25, 2021

4 years!

 Alot has happened in four years. There's just no way I can completely catch up. 

Ethan became a Marine and spent four years active duty. He's home now.

My precious father in law passed away from brain cancer. 

Ethan made me a Grandma (Lola). His fiancee is still residing in the Philippines and its been a long process with one obstacle after another to try to get her and the children here. (Athena is now 2 and her big sis Jessy is 7!) The pandemic has slowed everything down. :( 

Sam crossed the Rainbow Bridge November 2019.

We now have a Yorkie named Tank and a JRT named Piper. Cookie is almost 6! 

I swear life is more hectic now with some adults kids and still having 7 at home. We still homeschool which takes up a good portion of my days and mental energy.

Gabe and I are doing fantastic. Our 25th anniversary is in 7 months. We are focusing on our health and hitting the gym 5 days a week. We started a zero-carb diet after researching healing psoriasis. Its so worth a try before resorting to internal medications. We are only a week in on the diet and I'm down 6 lbs

I gave blood for the first time yesterday. I have always wanted to but due to the pregnancy/nursing cycle for 20 years I did not. And I nearly passed out! But I'll do it again. 

I've been digging deeper in my Bible and leaning on the Lord more now than ever. I came across a sermon by Adrian Rogers on bitterness a couple months ago. I know I have been dealing with bitter feelings from things from long,  long ago. The Lord has finally healed me! Or I should say..I finally surrendered it all to Him. It is so freeing and I'm still amazed that every bitter feeling...is gone. Just..gone!  Praise the Lord. He is faithful!


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