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Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on me

I had my first nurse-only appointment. My official due date is Sept.2nd! Mayo has finally done some remodeling, and the L&D and Post partum is all on the same floor now. No more being wheeled into an elevator at 4am with a brand new baby while strangers gawk at you, you looking like death warmed over from being in labor for 17 hours. (no, I'm really not bitter LOL!)
I wish they would figure out a way for 'only' private rooms. I just pray when I have the baby, they've not been busy. I detest sharing a post partum room even for a few hours.

I'm excited that they have labor tubs now though! The nurse told me women have even delivered in them. I can't wait to ask the midwife a little more about that at my first appointment...on Feb. 9th. :)

I'm 8 wks 5 days today. Very tired, slightly nauseous..not horribly sick like some of my other pregnancies. Just enough to know everything is going well.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Remember that 'bit of joy' I mentioned?

That little bit of joy I mentioned a couple blog posts ago?

He or she will be arriving around Sept 1st.

Yes, Watson baby number 8 is on the way.

 I found out on Dec.21st, but I kept it to myself for a while.

Morning sickness has kicked in and things seem to be going well. 

A great mix of emotions..happy about the baby, sad about my dad.
A baby is God's way of saying the world should go on...

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Homeschooling...for high school.

It won't be long. Our oldest is 14, going on 15. He'll finish his 8th grade work by June, and starting high school level this fall!

What are we going to do?? We couldn't possibly teach high school, could we?? I mean..we only have a high school diploma.

Are we smart enough for this?

What does it take to learn? What does he need to know?

He needs to know how to study. How to discipline himself and stay on a schedule. He needs to know what his interests are, and pursue them. He needs to study his Bible daily, and know what the Lord wants of him. He needs to be an independent learner.

We are not here to fill his brain full of information. We're here to guide him, and foster a love of learning. We provide the materials he needs. He's the one who needs to pull up his boot straps, and do it.

When he was 5, I pushed him and pushed him to read. I though he HAD to read in order for us to do school. I thought we were behind. It was embarassing when, at 6, he still couldn't read..and would rather dress up as a knight and take his sword outside to fight off the evil army. At 7 I would spend hours pushing him to write words, sound out words..on and on. He just wasn't getting it. Was he stupid??

No. I was. I fell for the lie that all children follow the same learning time table. I backed off a bit. It finally 'clicked' and at age 8, he was reading. Now he reads anything and everything he can get his hands on. Why was I so worried?

My current 7 yo is learning to read. He's catching on SO quickly..it's FUN to teach him to read. He was not ready at 5, or even 6. It would've been miserable to force him to read. I'm so glad that I waited until he was ready.

It's going to be ok. I graduated high school. I know how to do it. He knows how to learn. We can do this. No doubt.