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Friday, March 23, 2012

16 weeks

Baby W is doing GREAT. At my appointment yesterday, the heartrate was in the 140's. Ultrasound is scheduled for April 19th!! I've been feeling soft kicks. I found out I haven't gained as much as I thought. Our scales are off by 8lbs! I've only gained 11lbs..not nearly 20!

I almost have Ethan's 4 year high school plan all together. There are a few electives he needs to choose. We just really need to settle on grade 9 subjects.. I'm so glad we can use whatever we please! There are SO many options out there..it's almost overwhelming!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Started my day at 445am..

I awoke early this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Part of it was worry..about finances (minor worry) and a friend who may have metastacized cancer -she's a mama to 5 young'uns. (major worry) Her name is Stacey if you'd like to keep her in prayer. She's in Oregon.

So I gave up and came downstairs, knowing Gabe hadn't left for work just yet. He leaves at 5am. He's always glad to see me before he leaves! It hasn't happened since I became preggy. I do love getting up early. It's 7am now and the children will be waking soon...but to have those two hours of quiet in the house...ahhhhh!

I made out a new seven day crock pot menu yesterday. Seven days to be repeated the next week, lasting until next payday. I planned out suppers and lunches, and some choices for breakfast. I made out my shopping list yesterday afternoon, since we were going shopping last night after work. I was excited that I had a menu to go by again, and easy one to boot!
Food prices are making me crazy, though. I always feel so bummed when I can't get everything on my list. I'll have to do some tweaking of my menu now, cutting out some meals that require beef, and cheese. Our pantry is full, our fridge..not so much. Which this morning I realize may be a blessing in disguise..Gabe mentioned how warm the fridge seemed when he woke this morning. I think it's days are numbered.
I know we are richer than many, many people in other countries. Sometimes it's SO frustrating to be shopping so carefully to buy inexpensive things to feed my family, meaning I need to cook from scratch and plan  ..and I see people filling their carts with 'cr*p' (aka-frozen boxed foods, sodas and chips) and paying with an EBT card. Considering we do qualify for SNAP benefits and choose not to use them, ya..I'm a little judgy-wudgy this morning. Maybe I need another cup of coffee. (see how rich I am? I get to drink coffee..with milk! Sitting in a nice chair, in a home that's warm- or cool when I want it to be..and the FREEDOM to read my Bible and not have to worry about being arrested for owning one. Yeah..there's bigger things in this world to be fretting over.)

Lord forgive me for being judgemental, and for worrying..and complaining. I know You provide for our every need...and even for our wants! Forgive me for coveting the ease that others seem to have. Help me to be a better steward of our resources..to share with others. Thank you for these blessings that surround our table...the joy they bring to our lives. When our numbered days are over..our CHILDREN are the only thing we leave behind on this earth that matter. What a blessing it is to have our quiver full.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New things and old things. (Kefir and FB)

New Things:
A friend from online shared some of her Kefir Grains with me (via mail). I was a bit intimidated at first...but the process if very easy! I'm not sure I can stand to drink plain kefir milk. It reminds me of the milk that used to sit out at my best friend's dairy parlor. If you've been in a dairy, you know what I'm talking about.

There so SO many ways to use kefir milk though. A few I found on THIS site. First on my list to make is bread and smoothies.

Old Things:
After a bit of prayer and discussion, we decided to dip our toe back into the world of Facebook. I'm really not interested in cultivated a huge 'friends' list full of people I do not know, nor engaging in discussions that draw my mind and attention away from what is most important (my family and the Lord).
So far we just have family and a couple local friends. I wanted to keep in better contact with my siblings (since they are all on FB now)..follow my brother's restoration project (36 Dodge truck)..and just take each 'friend request' as it comes. We won't be uploading pictures to FB though, which makes us rather boring, since most people just want to snoop at pictures anyway. (and yes, we're guilty of this too :P )

And Pinterest. Something that was introduced to me a while back, but with great disappointment realized I couldn't 'Pin' since I didn't have a FB account. My mother-in-love walked me through the steps..and I'm on my way to 'Pinning' all my interests to my boards. Lotsa fun. It's like a gigantic Favorites webpage complete with pictures to remind me what the link is about .

I think that's about it for now. Sweet toddler is running water in the sink upstairs, so I think I had better scoot up there quickly!